Hi all,Registration is now open for our annual Back To School event! KFCA will provide backpacks full of school supplies to all Kitsap foster kids (adoptive, kinship, foster) OR Kitsap foster kids placed in other counties.
The deadline to register is AUGUST 1st .
If you receive a new placement after this date, please email president to register.

If you are a social worker registering your kids, PLEASE make sure that the foster parents are aware that you are doing so.

Please mark your calendar to pick up the backpacks on Thursday August 16th from 11am-1pm at the Bremerton office (outside in the back)
If you can’t come at this time, please make other arrangements because we cannot guarantee supplies after this date. Our board works very hard to make this event happen and we hope that you appreciate our work. However, we do have to adhere to deadlines in order to fulfill other commitments.

Register here:

If you have questions, please email or call Naomi 206 228 3885 President

Happy Summer!!
Naomi Nichols and the KFCA Board

Holiday Gift Registration 2017 REGISTER BY NOV 26th

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Note that this is a shopping experience on Sun Dec 3rd from 2:30pm – 4:30pm at New Beginnings Church in Bremerton.
Kitsap Foster Care Association Holiday Gift Registration 2017 REGISTER BY NOV 26th
*SHOPPING OPEN SUNDAY DECEMBER 3rd * 2:30-4:30pm * New Beginnings Church * 1410 Ohio Ave Bremerton
This form will accept information for up to 4 children. Please fill out a separate form if you have more than 4 children in your home. We will provide gifts for all the children in your foster home, regardless of legal status. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions!
  • Washington state
  • Private agency
  • unlicensed relative / kinship caregiver
  • Other:

Child Name (1)

Child Age (children 10 and over will receive gift cards)

Child Name (2)

Child Age (children 10 and over will receive gift cards)

Child Name (3)

Child Age (children 10 and over will receive gift cards)

Child Name (4)

Child age (children 10 and over will receive gift cards)

Any other information we need to know? Please keep in mind that this will be a shopping experience and not personalized gift pick up as in the past. Thank you!

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Holiday Gift Registration 2016 is here!!!

Hello awesome foster parents!
If you are a Kitsap foster family OR you have Kitsap kids placed in your home, it’s time to register for holiday gifts from KFCA! We will gift every kid in your house, no matter their status. Please note that we are able to spend about $25 on each gift (so make suggestions accordingly!). Kids 12 and over have the choice to receive gifts or gift cards.

Gift pick up will be on Wednesday December 14th from 6-8pm at New Beginnings Church in Bremerton. There will be no child care and no meal that night and gifts will be handed out unwrapped, so please plan accordingly.


Thanks for all you do every day to help our kids!

Back to School Registration – 2016

HI folks,

Our annual Back To School event is coming up on August 11th from 1pm-3pm at the DSHS office in Bremerton. Each registered foster child will receive a backpack filled with age appropriate school supplies. Please fill out the form and indicate if your child needs a new backpack. Also, each backpack will need to be picked up at the Back to School event, or make other arrangements. Supplies may not be available after the event unless you make alternate arrangements for pick up in advance. Thank you!!

The link to register:  Last day to Register is August 1st!

Please let us know if you have questions!


Hi folks!
It’s time to register for holiday gifts! The info is due Dec 1st. If you accept a placement after that, please know that we will be happy to provide gifts; just give us a ring!

Holiday Gift Pick up will be December 16th from 6-8pm (NO CHILD CARE OR DINNER PROVIDED)

There will be a Holiday Community Party at New Beginnings Churh with snacks and Santa on Sat Dec 5th from 1-5pm.

Any questions, please email president