Kitsap Foster Care Association – Resources

This page lists references and resources we have found to be useful.

Pull ups & Diapers for kids over 3 with a need
Diapers and pull-ups are available for kids in care over 3 years of age and that have a medical need for them.

The childs doctor needs to write a prescription with a diagnosis and length of need. This is then faxed, with info about the child ie. name, birthday, insurance and address, to one of the suppliers. If the child has Molina for their insurance chart notes supporting the need has to be sent. The child must have a med coupon.

The child receives 200 diapers or pull-ups or combo each month. Plus 2 boxes of gloves and washable or disposable bed pads. Before faxing the info I would call and talk to the supplier regarding these items.
Here the list of current suppliers in the program.

Option 1
Phone 1-888-885-2386
Fax 253-872-3448
Olympic Pharmacy & Health Care
Phone 1-253-858-9941
Fax 1 253-851-9942
Farrell’s Home Health Care
Phone 360-377-0164
Fax 360-377-8782