Free Show Tickets for Foster Parents

Hi Phyllis. The information below can be used to e-mail out or put on your website. I’m really excited about doing this and hopefully it will be a big success for both the foster parents and the theater so that we can do this in the future. I didn’t put in there that it is on a first come first served basis. I don’t think we will run out of tickets but you never know. We probably have about 150 seats available for the weekend, so we should be okay for anyone that wants a ticket, but they may want to call soon if they are thinking about coming.

Bremerton Community Theater and the cast/crew of their current show would like to invite all foster parents in Kitsap and Mason County (and anywhere for that matter) to come down this weekend to see their production of Black Comedy at no cost (FREE). This is the Theater’s way of thanking foster parents for all the hard work that they do. Although the show is not geared for younger children, due to the adult humor, older children would be welcome (probably best suited for children who are over 13 years old).

The show is called “Black Comedy” and is a very funny play about a young Englishman in his apartment (“flat” as they like to call them), who is expecting his future father-in-law, and a rich millionaire to show up to see his art work. Unfortunately the power goes out (they had a bad “Fuse”) and then his worst nightmare, his ex-girlfriend shows up, as does his neighbor, whose furniture he has borrowed (stolen) without permission, and electrician, and well . . . it just gets worse from there. What else could go wrong for this young man – you will only know if you come and see the show.

The show starts at 8:00 on Friday and Saturday, and 2:30 on Sunday. It is not a long play (last about 1 hour and 20 minutes) and there is no intermission. If you are interested in coming to see the show, please contact the theater at their website or by phone at 360-373-5152. When you go in mention that you are looking for the special for Foster Parents. Also you can see the commercial we did for it on line at Bremerton Community Theater’s Webpage. The theater is located at 599 Lebo Boulevard, and there are directions on the website on how to get to the theater from all directions.

Daniel M. Estes,B.S., M.P.A.

Intake Social Worker Supervisor


Region 3, North

Children’s Administration

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