Teaching Appropriate Social Behavior

Teaching Appropriate Social Behavior and

a Healthy, Safe Awareness of One’s Sexuality

for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

– Begin with the future in mind…

On Thursday, April 19, 2012 SEPAC CKSD will present 2 free presentations by Dr. Jean Edwards, Professor Emeritus, Department of Counseling and Special Education at PortlandState University. She is also a private consultant who works with treatment agencies around issues of social / sexual development and abuse for those with developmental disabilities. Past attendees have said the content has been extremely helpful for working with individuals with cognitive challenges on this crucial, yet difficult, topic!

FOR WHOM: Professionals, School Staff, Caregivers, and Employment Agencies, etc.

WHEN: April 19, 4-6 pm with Refreshments Available at 3:45pm.

WHERE: KlahowyaSecondary School Auditorium, 7607 Newberry Hill Rd, Silverdale, 98383.

WHAT: This presentation will address multiple ways staff can improve social skills and appropriate behavior for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities as well as your role in working with students/ clients to prevent abuse in the future.

HOURS: TIP hours and attendance certificates will be available.

FOR WHOM: Family and Friends or Anyone who knows an Individual with Developmental Delays.

WHEN: April 19, 7-9 pm with Refreshments and Social/ Networking at 6:30pm

WHERE: KlahowyaSecondary School Auditorium, 7607 Newberry Hill Rd, Silverdale, 98383. . Childcare is free and available 6:45-9pm. Please RSVP for childcare to Sharon, 360-308-0187 or theupside.

WHAT: This presentation is suitable for parents and family members/ friends of individuals of

ALL ages with developmental disabilities. It will increase your awareness of ways to maximize

your child’s appropriate social skills as well as what to teach your child NOW to avoid abusive consequences in the future.

HOURS: Certificates of attendance will be available.

SEPAC CKSD is an information and support network for parents, professionals, advocates and anyone who works with youth with special needs. SEPAC is in the process of applying for their 501c3, non-profit status. Our presentations are available to anyone from any district. To view the speaker schedule, please go to http://www.cksd.wednet.edu/specialservices/Sepac.aspx .

Any questions, please contact Sharon Dommermuth, SEPAC co-chair, 360-308-0187.

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