Children with challenging behaviors?

Caregivers stressed and need support? There are resources to help.

The Foster Care Critical Support and Retention Program delivers in-home counseling and support to foster parents/unlicensed caregivers caring for children exhibiting challenging behavioral issues as well as children with safety and supervision issues surrounding sexual behavior problems and or physical aggression. The goal of the program is to maintain the placements for these children and to retain the foster parents as placement resources. Families can be referred to the program through the child’s assigned social worker, their DLR licensor, a foster parent liaison or they can refer themselves. Families will be considered appropriate for the program if the goal is to maintain a challenging child in their care and if they are willing and able to make use of this intervention.

Providers are:

Most of Region 3 : contact Heidi Williams, MA, LMHC at Catholic Community Services of Western Washington. Email HeidiW Phone: (360) 878-8248

Pierce County : contact Kris Baglio, MSW at Multicultural Child and Family And Hope Center: E mail kbaglio Phone 253-272-0942

Kitsap County: contact Bill Kettering at Compassionate Ministries. E mail : bkring phone (360) 373-9710

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