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Every child who needs an advocate should have one.

Education Advocacy Manual

You may download the entire PDF of the manual or download chapter by chapter sections.

Entire Manual

Title Page and Acknowledgements


Chapter 1 – How to Be a Good Advocate

Chapter 2 – Basic Education Rights: Helping Children Enroll and Succeed in School

Chapter 3 – Special Education: When a Student Needs Additional Help

Chapter 4 – Discipline

Chapter 5 – Discipline of Special Education Students

Chapter 6 – Entering Adulthood: Resources for 18 to 21 Year-olds

Chapter 7 – Making Connections and Finding Support: A Guide to Resources

Forms and Samples


How To Read Citations and Find Laws

Appendix A – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Appendix B – Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504

Appendix C – Washington Administrative Code Chapter 392-172 (state special education regulations)

Appendix D – Washington Administrative Code Chapter 392-400 (state discipline regulations)

In the event you have problems with any of these downloads, we suggest you try again at another time. Sometimes factors beyond our control inhibit a successful download.

We have a limited ability to send out hard copies of the manual. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance. Thank you.




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