2021 Holiday Gift Registration!

Gift Pick up: SATURDAY DECEMBER 11th * 1pm-3pm * Bethany Lutheran Church * 151 Tremont St* Port Orchard
COVID GUIDELINES: We will ask you to stay in your car and we will bring your gifts out to you. They will be unwrapped. We will gather gifts based on the interests you list for your kids, but cannot guarantee any specific items requested. Kids 10 and Up will receive a gift card OR a gift based on your preferences on the form and our inventory. Please pick up gifts during the designated time or make other arrangements. We cannot ensure that gifts will be available after this event.

This form will accept information for up to 4 children. If you have more than 4 kids in your home, please fill out a second form. This is open to licensed Kitsap families and families outside of Kitsap who have children from Kitsap placed with them. Please fill out a 2nd form if you have more than 4 children in your home. We will provide gifts for all the children in your foster home, regardless of legal status, as long as you are a licensed foster family. Please feel free to email us at president or call Naomi at 206-228-3885 if you have any questions! We purchase or seek donations based on registrations, so please pick up the gifts that you register for. Families who registered for gifts last year and did not pick up are not eligible to register this year. Thanks!

Here’s the link to register:

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